iPhone X – Most breakable phone ever?

Long gone are the days where you could drop your phone and expect a bigger mark on the floor than on your device (rest in peace Nokia 3210) but the new iPhone X has been causing a stir with claims that it may be one of the most breakable phones ever.

Although Apple has claimed that the iPhone X has ‘the most durable glass ever in a smartphone’, CNET and many other companies/bloggers have been putting this to the test by finding out how it handles being dropped and scratched.

We were never going to expect an iPhone to be indestructible (don’t forget Apple once included a whole segment in a key note on an actual iPhone case to help protect one of the iPhones) but the testing has not shown the new iPhone in a good light.

Results have shown that simple drops have caused the screen glass to shatter, FaceID to stop working and created issues with the touchscreen (a problem with no home button!). Add this to the expensive cost of getting it repaired and this will be a concern for some of the even most devoted fans.

However, even with these concerns on its durability, we’re sure this won’t stop Apple fans going away and purchasing the iPhone X, even with the risk of breaking it. At the end of the day, the new phone is stunning, it’s display is one of the best on the market and most modern smartphones are not built to be durable anyway (Samsung Galaxy 8 was also proven to be similarly fragile) so we might be able to let Apple off. Either way, make sure that you put a protective case on it straight away and invest in some insurance!


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