Twitter has finally expanded its 280 character tweet limit to the masses.

The long requested character tweet limit increase from 140 to 280 characters has finally arrived.

An initial pilot was held providing some users with the ability to tweet up to 280 characters. This was mainly to determine whether users were left feeling unable to express themselves effectively with the 140 limit, often having to cut their messages short or use incorrect grammar.

The original 140 character limit has been in place since the launch of twitter in 2016 and was in place due to the restrictions of SMS messaging, the original way to post tweets.

According to the data published by Twitter, 9% of Tweets hit the 140 character limit but only 1% with the new character count hit the limit during the trial.

Our prediction is that after an onslaught of long tweets from users, the extra space will likely be used to extend certain words that were abbreviated in the past and allow for many more hashtags to be added.

The new 280 limit is already leading to some interesting tweets!

How this will effect Twitter’s number of new users each month which has been slowing down for a while now is yet to be seenโ€ฆ

More importantly, how this will effect Donald Trump’s tweets will no doubt be on the forefront of most people’s minds!


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