Do Apple’s Animojis really need the iPhone X to work?

Apple’s latest and greatest innovation….the Animoji… For those of you who don’t know what an Animoji is, it’s a new feature for the iPhone X that allows you to create emoji style animated voice messages that are mapped to your facial expressions.


Anyone who has used SnapChat, Instagram or Facebook face filters will probably be wondering, why couldn’t this be done with any iPhone? There are already numerous examples out there of similar filters being available so why does it only work on the iPhone X?


Recently a Youtuber (Marques Brownlee – MKBHD) demonstrated that the Animojis could still work when the iPhone X TrueDepth camera’s various sensors were covered. Apple have since come out and said whilst it does work without the sensors…it doesn’t work as well.


Apple has a history of doing this where they chose to only release certain features on the latest iPhone *cough* Siri *cough*. Apple’s excuse is always that performance would be an issue on older models but equally making it exclusive for the latest iPhone will no doubt help to sell more of their devices.


Either way we’re sure that Apple users with older iPhones could have managed with Animojis which weren’t quite as detailed. However, you can’t fault Apple for making sure their features maintain a high level of quality.


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