What’s the deal with… Fake News

Fake news is a phrase that can be found in the headlines at the moment as the realisation of how it is effecting major political events across the world is starting to surface. Fake news is essentially published information with the intend to mislead or negatively influence readers in order to damage an individual or... Continue Reading →


What’s the deal with….Driverless Cars

In this 'What's the deal with' segment, we give you a bit of history behind driverless cars, some of the big issues surrounding them and what we can expect to see in the future. There is no denying that driverless cars are going to have a major impact on the way we live. Think about... Continue Reading →

Twitter has finally expanded its 280 character tweet limit to the masses.

The long requested character tweet limit increase from 140 to 280 characters has finally arrived. An initial pilot was held providing some users with the ability to tweet up to 280 characters. This was mainly to determine whether users were left feeling unable to express themselves effectively with the 140 limit, often having to cut... Continue Reading →


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